Saturday, September 23, 2006

wouldn't it be nice to have a dictionary service at hand whereby upon calling someone an "idiot" u could reach for a dictionary
and show them the word idiot with the definition being their name and date of birth etc... this being possible via a website where alterations could be requested at a fee and lo and behold up pops a fully functional dictionary in your post bar one or two idiotic doctorings... (french philosophers - fuck off!)

however, it has occured to me (who else?) ((french philosophers - fuck off!)) on reading this that perhaps some tosser will chance upon this posting (french philo...)... consider this "way cool" and charge ahead with venture capital assurance and turn this into some sort of wikipedia-nemesis-I'm-on-the-cover-of-nerd-olympics-miss-universe-10,000bce...

thereupon i will feel slightly gleeful but to maintain "I-know-better-than-this-pseudo-ethical-mindedness"

i will, no doubt, attempt to request an entry in the said spooftionary, with the names of the dayglo plagarising robin-nogood-hoods marked under "water" or "receptive" or "something" otherwise cryptic and respectful and find myself shunned and rejected...


so what...

time is a waste of time


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