Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I think it's time to get yr...


Sunday, May 28, 2006

A game show took place in my bed the other night and I was to remain a lone mute spectator throughout. Anything else would have been considered, and quite rightly so, debasing and impertinent. The contestants, aligned in a formation not unknown to those who partake of fractal line-dancing, reveled in sweltering detail, how they had each in turn managed to stay so healthy, vital and good-looking. Relating their strict, almost to the point of barbarian, diet and workout regimes; alcohol, smoking, caffeine, apathy and self-neglect were attested to by all in varying degrees, as a veritable cocktail immortalis. The show failed to expand any further beyond this point, as the contestants digressed beyond the point of objective sub-atomic level.

Nonetheless, truly they were radiant life forms, uncontesting of cultural difference and species dominance, and ready to yield at the merest hint of a dropping hat, to the beneficial needs of their fellow simians.

Altogether, I found myself a trifle startled, almost pleasingly bemused. However, with regards the where, the whence and the why, I could muster nothing other than a faint and breathless... 'crumbs'.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

disappearing reappearing disappearing reappearing disappearing reappearing disappearing reappearing

each night you wonder or fail to exact - hold your head up and let it fall precisely where it needs be... We are exhausting ourselves by this timid parody of evolution. Alive is only an option like withdrawl; commitment; extension. You and I have every intention of doing what's right. Necessary. If my heart follows yours, it's not irony. Only coincidence. We can erase days and nights like caterpillars turn to the air and inspire sloth. Hold up your head and be proud.

I will wrap my arm around you, in a slow moving car and you'll walk upon river banks, where deer skip shy of twisting ferns and I'll give you all the answers and we'll walk backs to the moon heads together...

Now is the hour.
Our time...