Friday, March 24, 2006

As to why birds don't fly upside down...

I'm not exactly sure. It's possible some do, perhaps at night or as a direct consequence of eating too many sweet-tasting berries. Then again, I'm certain they do. It's completely apparent. Think about it. People observed birds. They got the idea for flying machines. The flying machines flew crazed loop-de-loops at fun fairs and State occasions. A lot of thrill-seeking people were impressed and content. Others were unimpressed, namely with colored smoke and the non-provision of adequate seating. Nonetheless, the flying idea came from the birds, therefore they must or must have, flown upside down, at some point.

Now, I'm not saying you should take my word on this. I'm no expert. This much is also true. And besides, you don't even know me and if you did, you'd probably want to know why we hadn't met before.

Now as to when they desisted and/or declined to advance upon space in a position 180 degrees contrary to their current form of advancement, this is another question. You're asking? Well, they...

Of course, it's all fine and well, saying their bone structure and various aerodynamical nomenclature. This is how it appears. Ipso facto, etc. However, let's entertain the idea, that 100 years from now, all birds, well, maybe some, perhaps even one, will be propelled through the skies in a contradictory fashion to the one we're presently accustomed.

And if not, why not? Maybe, they're waiting for our help. In the same way that they gave us the idea of flight and we can now get to anywhere in the world for under £1000 (including all meals). Maybe now is the time to start helping birds realize they're dream of belly-to-the-fiery-birdseed physical motion.

Thus, closing our eyes, we can see the bird, in an upside down state of air propulsion.

Why should they, anyway? Do people walk upside down? Back to front? Inside out? And why the sudden fascination with birds? Where'd that come from?

Ok, so now I'm asking too many questions, even though you started this.

Didn't you?


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