Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Which of these is actually in production at the moment?

1. Gypsy - sitcom

Follow the colorful adventures of Rose and the other fun characters that comprise her band of fellow travellers.

2. Heavens above! - sitcom

A hapless mixed bunch comprising a college dropout, a middle manager, a computer programmer, a telesales worker, a farmer and a stripper join a new religion each week, with hilarious results.

Episode 1 = Catholicism
Episode 2 = Church of Scientology
Episode 3 = Islam
Episode 4 = Christian Fundamentalism
Episode 5 = Mormons
Episode 6 = Judaism
Episode 7 = Satanism
Episode 8 = Jainism

3. Stars behind Bars - game show

Members of the public are assigned a prominent celebrity and have to get them arrested. The contestants can do so by any means necessary! However, should they fail, they must pay the price for the same crime themselves.

4. How green is your house? - altered reality TV

A group of experts, each week assess different properties throughout the nation on the basis of how environmentally friendly they are. Weekly winners enter into the grand final where, in the final episode, they are melted down for protein and fed to battery farm hens in Vietnam. With hilarious results!

5. CSI: Brothel - drama

Crime Scene officers go undercover in various exotic sex dens throughout the world. Will they be able to get the results before they have to go down? Guest stars the former cast of ALF.


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