Thursday, March 02, 2006

Anyway, dances lightly on a heavy fog of intent. Another room of snatching grains that prop souls work default. Wearing a smile that speaks to everyone except it's current user. A thumbs up, to three faces glancing or studied in the past. One sits with their back to the door. None apparently impressed by said tidings. There is no cause for alarm. Back-peddle.

Remember frowns. Hunched tense and absorbed. Intent on hearing a swollen heart buckle.

Q. Consider the ship's bow. Does a second mate look up and count the passing cloud when the horizon isn't blinking?

This eases aside and once more beckons,
"Through there, through there. You were as close as can be earlier, why you hesitatin' now, huh?

Are these deaf failings or is the sun just so tired to have woke up this early.

That was it. Not quite all but a step.
One of those brief flurries of insight. Nose spray for a heavy cold. Filling the last space on someone else's crossword. Thinking twice, one step away from abandoned mineshaft entrance.

They weren't setting off fireworks but then again, they never did when you spoke. Though you thought it tasted of wonder and you wanted to see eyes glow with truth and you'd wanted them to say,
"Yes, yes, you were right all along. Why'd we never listen to you?"

There was only an audio book sample. David Carradine's voice.
"What are you doing in Denver?"

A rope ladder spinning and the letters mangled to a fine pulp oozing breath and not having those fine sweet fibres all running down your back. Whispering,
"It's okay, yeah okay. You'll always be with us."

Anyway, no signs of being frightened by any of this asks you,


That's you. Go ahead and answer.


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