Friday, February 24, 2006

All over the horizon.
We are gaining on a portal.
And there, squat, obtuse, terrifying.
Cluttered, innocent, ticks another city.
A bubble glow diluting the night.

"It's not film noir but film...".

Existential cinema slinks into a billboard hand, cradling our whispers, hopes, confessions, orders and wrong numbers.
It's sweet and soft, a great source of Vitamin C.
Orang is Malay for person.
Natrium to Nitron and onto Sodanum which was hoped cures headaches.
It is also numbered 11.
Hunchback Bill and his bitter legions of old men in dusty bowler hats.
Their most favoured day is a 12.
The robes of hungry-looking men with shaved optimistic heads.
For about seven hundred years geoluhread.
In nanometres 620-585.
It is secondary.
Agent of the mind spread over six million acres.
In treating mental illnesses it has apparently proved itself effective.
Cheap airline travel that fuels fears of this planet over-warming.
A revolution in the Ukraine were the leading man was feared poisoned by the Opposition.
An excess could express confusion, tiredness and pessimism.
Traffic lights' pregnant moments; do I stay, do I go, do I wait, will I chance it?
255, 160, 0 or 0, 89, 255, 0.
Contrasted with the sky, preventing our lives inextricably colliding.
The second chakra that is also the pelvic area.

I ate an orange for breakfast.


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