Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poke you finger into red
Feel the feeling through
And when the feeling is no more
Feel no-feeling too!

- Fakir Musafar

April is the cruellest month of all...


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If I lived near a canal I believe I would buy a boat and train my horse to tow. The dream gave him what the day had withheld.. The essential content which stood out clearly and broadly in the dream must, after analysis, rest satisfied with a very subordinate role among the dream thoughts.. She is an evidence, said Edward, how superior our women of fashion are to those of Europe.. 'Most made the mistake of ma life, he chuckled, stickin' to that ol' train foheveh.. Leonard is to have an unusual number of lions.. Her dream also shows the reproduction of the wish as accomplished.. William, said his companion, you must sit down; if you don't, you'll tumble overboard and be drowned.. He entered the room--finding the president and secretary holding to their chairs two judges of the Supreme Court, who were also members ex officio , and were begging leave to go away.. ] [Footnote 5: The Works of Bret Harte, twenty volumes.. But there was, he was shocked to say, a new sacrilegious intrusion.. Ellsworth withdrew, but not defeated.. On the contrary, the principle of pain comes into play, and causes the Forec.. The Colonel nodded naturally and approvingly.. He let go the tiller.. ' Do you think that picture is fairer than the one you saw of Colonel Calhoun last night? The description, said the Major, frowning, is--not without grounds.. We attempt to remove this symptom by urging him to the action which he deems himself incapable of.. But--er--my dear lady, need we go as far as that? Cannot this affair be settled--er--out of court? Could not this--er--individual--be admonished--told that he must give satisfaction--personal satisfaction--for his dastardly conduct--to --er--near relative--or even valued personal friend? The--er--arrangements necessary for that purpose I myself would undertake.. So you do, said Joseph, but a whipping will cure me better.. But what a shame for us to be talking of them in this manner...

August 30, 2007 4:53 PM  

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